Blue Island

Exuma Islands

The crown jewels of the Bahamian Archipelago, the Exuma Islands are comprised of 365 individual islands and cays


Natural Beauty

The beaches & waters found in Exuma are some of the prettiest in the world. Recognized as a natural wonder a large section has been designated a 'Land & Sea Park'. The privacy and safety of the region make it a seasonal favorite of globetrotters

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Fast Access

Fast and Private access from the US and Europe.   This island is only 45 minutes by air from South Florida and 3 hours from New York.  The 5,700 ft airstrip is new asphalt construction, FAA approved & completely private.


Bahamas Facts

The Bahamas has been popular with wealthy international families for generations. What makes it a great place to establish a residence and live?


Reside in Paradise

Residency in the Bahamas is available to those who buy significant property.  The economy is based on the US dollar with the local currency pegged 1:1 since 1973.

Stable Goverment

Democratic government & long standing rule of law. There are no personal income taxes, Capital Gains tax, Company taxes or Inheritance taxes. There is no tax return to file in the Bahamas.


Law of the Land

The Bahamas boasts a long history of freehold property rights. The highest court in the Bahamas is the British Law Lords in London and the law of the Bahamas is basically British law. 

Native Tongue

English speaking country

Visitors Welcome

The government is pro foreign investment

Lifestyle of the rich and famous

A few of the current property owners in The Bahamas: Bill Gates, Sean Connery, Bernard Arnault, His Highness The Aga Khan, John Malone, Ronald Perelman, David Copperfield, John Malone, Louis Bacon, Joe Lewis, Nicholas Cage, Eddie Murphy, Michael Dingman, Donna Bertarelli, Bacardi Family, Johnny Depp and Tim McGraw.

Largest Completely Private Island in The Bahamas

700 acres

5 White Sandy Beaches

5,700 foot FAA approved Jet Runway

Rolling hills to 90 feet in elevation for panoramic building sites